• Suitable for Facade, Billboard and High Mast Lighting.
  • Complete luminaire is IP66 rating.
  • The lighting performance is equivalent to 250w to 450w HID Luminaire.
  • Luminaire provides greater than 50% energy saving.


Vega Series of Floodlight Luminaires is a high performance, energy- efficient, solid state fixture ideal for flood light applications such as Area, Parking and Garage


Model VG4 VG14 VG20
RatedPower 50w 100w 145w
Input AC100-277 AC100-277 AC100-277
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
PowerFactor >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
THD <15 <15 <15
CCT 4000-5700K 4000-5700K 4000-5700K
CRI >70 >70 >70
LuminousFlux 5100 8400 12100
Luminous Efficacy >90lm/w >90lm/w >90lm/w
WorkingTemperature -40°to+40°C -40°to+40°C -40°to+40°C
Up-light Rating U0 U0 U0
WorkingHumidity >95% >95% >95%
Life L70 >60000 Hrs >60000 Hrs >60000 Hrs
IngressProtection IP66 IP66 IP66
ImpactProtection IK08 IK08 IK08
SurgeProtection 10 KV/5KA 10 KV/5KA 10 KV/5KA
VibrationProtection 4G 4G 4G


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